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08.01.2014 ~ Cover Enthüllung: Love, In English von Karina Halle

Es ist wieder mal soweit, wir haben eine Cover Enthüllung für Euch! Heute möchte ich Euch Love, In English von Karina Halle vorstellen:

Cover Reveal Love In Englisch


He's thirty-eight. I'm twenty-three.
He speaks Spanish. I speak English.
He lives in Spain. I live in Canada.
He dresses in thousand-dollar suits. I'm covered in tattoos.
He's married and has a five-year old daughter.
I'm single and can't commit to anyone or anything.
Until now.
Because when they say you can't choose who you fall in love with, boy ain't that the f*#king truth.

To a restless dreamer like Vera Miles, it sounded like the experience of a lifetime. Instead of spending her summer interning for her astronomy major, she would fly to Spain where she'd spend a few weeks teaching conversational English to businessmen and women, all while enjoying free room and board at an isolated resort. But while Vera expected to get a tan, meet new people and stuff herself with wine and paella, she never expected to fall in love.

Mateo is unlike anyone Vera has ever known, let alone anyone she's usually attracted to. While Vera is a pierced and tatted free spirit with a love for music and freedom, Mateo Casales is a successful businessman from Madrid, all sharp suits and cocky Latino charm. Yet, as the weeks go on, the two grow increasingly close and their relationship changes from purely platonic to something...more.

Something that makes Vera feel alive for the first time.

Something that can never, ever be.

Or so she thinks.

Nachdem ihre bisherigen Bücher ja meist eher einen raueren Ton anschlagen, bin ich sehr gespannt, was Karina Halle aus ihrem ersten reinen Contemporary Romance Roman macht.
Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack gibt es in dieser


The silence crackled above our heads like a live wire. I could feel Jorge's eyes on us as he reluctantly placed Mateo's drink on the table and walked away. Part of me wished for him to come back, to break up the tension and the startling intensity in Mateo's eyes. The other part was selfishly glad Jorge was leaving us in peace. When he disappeared back into the restaurant, Mateo and I were the only ones on the patio.
I broke away from his eyes, focusing instead on his bottle of Aguila and the condensation that ran down the sides, looking blissfully cool in the sticky night air. Through all the weeks of joking, talking, the innocent physical contact, now I was astutely nervous about being alone with him. It wasn't so much that I was afraid of him - I was afraid of me. Ever since that remark at dinner, I'd been afraid of what I'd do to him, how I'd break that moral code I promised for myself.
He's married, he's married, he's married, I told myself, watching a drop of water race from the beer to the table. His wife is beautiful and lovely, his daughter is sweet and you aren't either of those things.
But I could only tell myself that so many times.
"Vera," he said thickly. "Vera, look at me." His voice was commanding, reaching a depth I hadn't heard before.
My eyes slowly slid over to him. I tried to speak but could only suck in my lip, probably taking all my lipstick off.
"Show me the stars again," he said. His eyes speared me like nothing else, his face becoming dangerously handsome.
I looked up to the clear sky, to see the stars, but he reached out and grabbed my hand. His touch was hot, like his fingers were searing into my skin, that feeling of entering a hot tub on a cold night. I couldn't help the shiver that ran gently down my spine. "Not those stars," he said huskily, leaning forward. His lips were wet and slightly open. "Your stars. Why I call you Estrella."
I swallowed hard, my pulse burning along. I turned around in my chair so my back was to him and lifted up my hair, gathering it on the top of my head.
His chair scraped loudly on the ground as he got up, a sound that struck a new kind of fear in me.
No. Not fear.
I heard him stop right behind me. I held my breath, wondering what he was going to do. One rough finger pressed down against the back of my neck, right on the spine where the tattoo began. I closed my eyes to the feeling, the currents it caused, traveling all the way down, making me wet. Jesus, I needed to get a hold of myself.
"What star is this?" he asked, sounding like silk. I could wrap myself in his voice. "Alpharatz," I whispered, as if I was letting him in on a secret. Maybe I was.
His finger slid diagonally down, a trail of fire across the Pegasus line. "And this one?"
"Why Pegasus?"
I paused, the truth on my lips. Fuck it. We'd been nothing but honest with each other. "Because I want to fly free. And there?s no place higher than the stars."
He didn't say anything for a few beats. I was tempted to turn around, to look at him, but I didn't want him to take his finger off my neck. I was leaving in three days. He was going back to his family. This was all I had, his skin on my stars.
He leaned in, his hot breath at my neck. "Are you afraid that love will clip your wings?" His words sank into me, making my blood buzz. Love. This was too hazardous a subject to discuss with him, not now. Not ever. With my breath shaking, I inched my neck away from his mouth and turned to face him.
"No," I said, looking him straight in the eye. "I'm afraid that losing love will."
His expression softened. He looked at my lips, his beautifully long eyelashes casting shadows on his tawny skin.
"Then that makes two of us," he whispered softly and for a long second I thought he was going to get it over with and finally kiss me, put an end to this strain between us, the yearning that made me ache inside. But he straightened up, his gaze avoiding mine, and went to retrieve his beer from the table.

Love, In English erscheint im April 2014. Alle weiteren Informationen und Links findet ihr entweder auf Goodreads oder auf Karina Halles Autorenseite auf unserem Blog.

Übrigens hat Karina Halle eine besondere Überraschung für ihre Fans (zumindest für die, die vielleicht nette Bekannte in den USA oder Kanada haben): Es gibt ein signiertes Leseexemplar zu gewinnen!

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Viele Grüße von Eurem Buchjunkie ND

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25.12.2013 ~ Homunkulus - ein neuer Roman von Horus W. Odenthal

Manches Mal sitzt man während der Feiertage zwischen der buckligen Verwandtschaft und hat weder ein Buch geschenkt bekommen, noch genug Lektüre eingepackt.
Das ist ärgerlich! Aber dank vieler Onlinehändler mit den verschiedensten Ebooks kann man sich auch während der Feiertage mit Lesestoff versorgen.

Pünktlich zum Fest bringt Horus W. Odenthal seinen neuesten Roman heraus: Homunuklus (Amazon-Partnerlink).
Wenn ich nicht gerade wieder gnadenlos in tollen Büchern untergehen würde, hätte ich mir das Buch mit Sicherheit schon geholt. Der Inhalt:

"Danak ist Milizionärin. Um die Straßen von Rhun für die Bürger sicher zu halten, geht sie wenn nötig mit harter Hand vor. Aber die Zeiten haben sich geändert. Rhun ist eine besetzte Stadt.
Während die nichtmenschlichen Eroberer von Rhun in ihren Kastellen Ränke schmieden, gefährliche Kreaturen in der Stadt umgehen und eine tödliche Droge unter der Bevölkerung wütet, versucht Danak ihrem Auftrag treu zu bleiben. Doch bald weiß sie nicht länger, auf welcher Seite sie eigentlich steht."

klingt schon sehr spannend und nach einer wunderbaren Mischung aus Fantasy und Thriller.
Auch dieses Buch spielt in der gleichen Welt wie des Autors bekannte Ninragon (Amazon-Partnerlink)-Reihe.

Ich wünsche dem Autor an dieser Stelle viel Erfolgt mit seinem neuesten Roman und hoffe mich auch bald in seinen Bann ziehen lassen zu können.

Frohe Weihnachten,
Euer Buchjunkie nef

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23.12.2013 ~ Leigh Evans Countdown to Christmas und Giveaway

Heute möchte ich euch eine neue Urban Fantasy Reihe vorstellen, die ich zwar selbst noch nicht gelesen habe, sich aber sehr vielversprechend anhört: Die Mystwalker-Reihe von Leigh Evans. Und für alle Interessierten gibt es gleich mehrere Bücher zu gewinnen. Doch erst einmal zum Inhalt:

Cover The Trouble With Fate Englisch

The Trouble With Fate (Amazon-Partnerlink) (Mystwalker #1)

Meet Hedi Peacock. She's half Fae. Half Were. And all trouble...
I Have Two Words For Werewolves:
My name is Hedi Peacock and I have a secret. I'm not human, and I have the pointy Fae ears and Were inner-bitch to prove it. As fairy tales go, my childhood was damn near perfect, all fur and magic until a werewolf killed my father and the Fae executed my mother. I've never forgiven either side. Especially Robson Trowbridge. He was a part-time werewolf, a full-time bastard, and the first and only boy I ever loved. That is, until he became the prime suspect in my father?s death...

Bite Me.
Today I'm a half-breed barista working at a fancy coffee house, living with my loopy Aunt Lou and a temperamental amulet named Merry, and wondering where in the world I'm going in life. A pretty normal existence, considering. But when a pack of Weres decides to kidnap my aunt and force me to steal another amulet, the only one who can help me is the last person I ever thought I'd turn to: Robson Trowbridge. And he's as annoyingly beautiful as I remember. That's the trouble with fate: Sometimes it barks. Other times it bites. And the rest of the time it just breaks your heart. Again...

Mehr Infos zum ersten Buch dieser Reihe findet ihr auf Goodreads und Amazon.

Cover The Thing about Weres Englisch

The Thing About Weres (Amazon-Partnerlink) (Mystwalker #2)

Love is like a wild animal. It can't be tamed...
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
In the never-ending saga that is my love-hate relationship with Robson Trowbridge, I, half-Were Hedi Peacock, have had a change of heart. Ever since I shoved Trowbridge through the Gates of Merenwyn, I've been the leader of the pack - hard to believe, right? The thing is: I'm half-Fae. So even though my Were side is ready to heed the call of the wild, the other part of me is desperate to take flight. And much as it pains me to admit it, life without Trowbridge is really starting to were me down...

I Am Were, Hear Me Roar.
To make matters worse, the wolves of Creemore want my blood - and the North American Council of Weres wants me dead. So I'm just counting the days until Trowbridge returns from the other realm...and comes to my brave rescue...and becomes my alpha mate. Wishful thinking? Of course it is. But given all the mess I've been through already, what's the harm in doing a little bit of daisy-plucking? Besides, Trowbridge owes me bigtime. A girl can dream.

Mehr Infos zum zweiten Buch dieser Reihe findet ihr auf Goodreads und Amazon.
Alles Weitere, sowie einen kleinen Auszug aus The Trouble With Fate findet ihr auf Leigh Evans Autorenseite auf unserem Blog.

News Leigh Evans

Wie versprochen gibt es auch einen Giveaway (nicht von Buchjunkies veranstaltet):
*Erster Preis*
Signed UK-version of The Trouble With Fate (Mystwalker #1)
Signed UK-version of The Thing About Weres (Mystwalker #2)
Signed book plate
Mystwalker swag

*Zweiter Preis*
Paperback copies of The Trouble With Fate & The Thing About Weres (1 each, US covers)
1 signed book plate
Mystwalker swag

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Viele Grüße und viel Glück,
Euer Buchjunkie ND

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09.10.2013 ~ Cover Enthüllung: The Devil's Reprise von Karina Halle

Heute haben wir wieder eine Cover Enthüllung für Euch: Dieses Mal zu The Devil's Reprise von Karina Halle, dem zweiten und damit letzten Teil ihrer Devils-Reihe.

Cover The Devil's Reprise englisch


Given a second chance, music journalist Dawn Emerson and guitarist Sage Knightly are reunited, only to have their lives threatened again by a demonic bargain. The sequel to The Devil's Metal, from USA Today bestselling author Karina Halle.

When Dawn Emerson got the chance to go on tour with her favorite metal band, Hybrid, she thought she landed the writing gig of the century. But what started off as a dream for the budding music journalist quickly turned into a nightmare that she and guitarist Sage Knightly barely escaped alive.

Now, months after they went their separate ways, Sage invites Dawn to accompany him on his first solo tour across Europe and write about it for Creem Magazine. But like the last tour, nothing is as easy as it seems. Sage is a broken man on the path to self-destruction and Dawn isn't sure if she's the right person to save him. And aside from having to pick up the pieces of their burgeoning relationship, they have to negotiate the mysterious new photographer assigned to Dawn's story, as well as vindictive promoters and demonic groupies they thought they'd never see again.

Because this time, it's Dawn who made a deal with the devil and the only thing worse than having to uphold a bargain with the prince of darkness is not remembering how you're supposed to pay it back.

It may be with their souls.

Und wieder einmal ein Buch von Karina Halle, das sofort gelesen werden will. :)
The Devil's Reprise erscheint am 29. Oktober 2013. Alle weiteren Informationen, sowie Links zur Vorbestellung findet ihr entweder unter Goodreads oder hier.

Viele Grüße von Euren Buchjunkies

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01.10.2013 ~ Cover Enthüllung: Ashes to Ashes von Karina Halle

Ich bequassel Euch ja nun schon längere Zeit mit Karina Halle, einer meiner absoluten Lieblingsautorinnen. Heute darf ich Euch auch noch ganz exklusiv das Cover zu Ashes to Ashes (Design: Najla Qamber), dem 8. und vorletzten Band der Experiment in Terror-Reihe, vorstellen:

Cover Ashes to Ashes Englisch


It's been two months since Perry Palomino and Dex Foray's relationship reached a new turning point, two months since Perry started a new life in Seattle, and two months since their Experiment in Terror show took on a new partner, ex-Wine Babe Rebecca Sims, and a newfound level of success. But whenever there is light in their lives, the madness still has a way of coming back in.

When the team is sent back to the stormy Oregon coast to investigate a haunted school, Perry wants to use the opportunity to reconnect with her family and reintroduce Dex into their lives. Only Perry's not the only one who's reaching out - her grandmother Pippa has started appearing to her with disturbing warnings and Perry's presence at the school has ignited a chilling new wave of supernatural phenomenon. Once used a century ago as a sanatorium to house children dying of tuberculosis, the school's past residents are slowly coming back to life and with one thing on their mind: They want someone to play with, someone to join them. Forever.

Even when dead, some children get whatever they want.
And they want Perry.

Gruseliger geht's wohl kaum... Ich jedenfalls freue mich schon wie verrückt auf dieses Buch. Ein Weilchen muss ich mich aber noch gedulden, denn Ashes to Ashes erscheint erst am 11. Dezember 2013.
Falls ihr diese Reihe noch nicht kennt, jetzt aber Interesse daran gefunden habt, gibt es das erste Buch Darkhouse kostenlos als E-Book auf Amazon (Amazon-Partnerlink).

Alle weiteren Information zu dieser Reihe, der Autorin und ihren anderen Büchern findet ihr hier auf unserem Blog oder auf ihrer Goodreads-Seite.

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